About the Artist

Dara is an artist cum fashionista who approaches her work with a mixture of irony and humor. Record Pop Tops are wearable works of art that allow a living confrontation with the centrality of pop culture to our contemporary notions of entertainment, life and personality.

Dara has found a new use for the 45 record – reinterpreting the rarities of flipsides into a fashion statement. More importantly, Dara has placed the female body central in the understanding of pop culture's power to define personality.
Renee Vara - Art Curator

Dara’s Dabbles

A photographer, an entrepreneur and artist in many media, Dara has seen her Record Pop Tops became conversation pieces, art objects, and treasured gifts. They are a natural extension of the artist/designer who also holds a B.A. in Interpersonal Communication and a M.S. in Organizational Development.

The “Spin”

Dara has always been fascinated by fashion designers who stay true to themselves. She grew up idolizing Betsey Johnson and Kenneth Cole (whom she eventually went on to meet.) These designers take risks and push their limits- - their abundant, endless creativity has always inspired her. Later, she crossed paths with Patricia Field, the Costume Designer for Sex and The City. It was Patricia Field who gave her the “spin” on the fashion/music industry and from there www.cups-n-saucers.com was born.

Dara found a new use for the 45 record, now part of pop culture, and so will you.

"Thanks to all of the people who have encouraged me along the way and have helped bring Record Pop Tops to life."

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